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KronoDesk v1.0 - Take Your Customer Support to the Next Level

22-Oct-2012 by Inflectra Press Release

Inflectra is proud to announce the final release of KronoDesk, our customer support and help desk ticketing system. After several months of successful beta-testing, the final release has many additional features, including the ability to create and update help desk tickets from customer emails.

KronoDesk™ includes a powerful and flexible help desk ticketing system that can be quickly and easily tailored to meet your support needs. With support for custom fields and workflows you can create different support processes for your different products.

KronoDesk makes it easy for your customers to attach files and screenshots with their tickets making it easy for your support agents to reproduce issues and help your customers.

KronoDesk™ provides a knowledge base and online support forums. making your customers more self-sufficient with routine issues so that your support personnel can focus their time on the critical issues and complex enquiries.

KronoDesk™ provides personalized dashboards for both your customers and support personnel. The customer dashboard provides a single view for your customers to see new knowledge base articles, recent forum posts and all their open tickets . The support agent dashboard provides a consolidated view for your support personnel to see all their assigned tickets, and unanswered forum posts.
When used with SpiraTeam you can integrate your customer support into your software development lifecycle. Each KronoDesk ticket can generate new items in SpiraTeam so that customer requests can be seamlessly added to the product backlog.

KronoDesk works seamlessly with SpiraTeam to provide an end-to-end flow of information from your customers to your developers and product managers.

KronoDesk™ is an integrated customer support system that includes help desk ticketing, customer support forums and an online knowledge base in a single user interface.

SpiraTeam® is a powerful Requirements and Test Management solution that manages a software project’s requirements, scope, use-cases, tests, releases and bugs and issues in one environment, with complete requirements traceability throughout. Customers can track every bug or issue back to the test case and test step that being executed, and from there back to the underlying requirement needing fulfillment.

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