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Load Testing Plugin Released for RemoteLaunch and NeoLoad that Supports SLAs

8-Jan-2015 by Inflectra Product News

We are pleased to announce the release of an updated plugin for SpiraTest, SpiraTeam and RemoteLaunch that integrates with NeoLoad from Neotys and provides enhanced load testing integration and SLA reporting.

About the NeoLoad Integration

Neotys NeoLoad is a performance and load testing system that lets you record application performance by a number of ‘virtual users’ and measure the performance against specified Service Level Agreement (SLA) metrics for the application. When you use NeoLoad with SpiraTest you can report back pass/fail/caution by comparing the actual results against the specified SLA metrics.

What Has Changed

Previously the integration between SpiraTest/SpiraTeam and NeoLoad was fairly basic and the reporting of results was limited to the summary metrics with no pass/fail result recorded in Spira. The latest version adds several key enhancements:

  • There is an option to attach the complete NeoLoad PDF format test report to the test runs in Spira. This lets you easily maintain a central repository of performance testing results and documentation
  • The summary results of the testing are displayed in an easy to read web format:
  • The plugin can interpret the SLA results in the NeoLoad report and use that to display the appropriate status in Spira, both at an aggregate level and for each metric:

How Do I Get The Plugin

As always, you can download the latest version of the NeoLoad plugin from our website: