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RemoteLaunchX 5.0 Released for Cross-Platform Testing

5-Feb-2020 by Inflectra Product News

We are pleased to announce the release of RemoteLaunch X 5.0, our cross-platform agent for orchestrating automated software testing. This update to RemoteLaunch X brings support for data-driven testing, more configuration features and support for the latest versions of Java.

New Features

The latest update to RemoteLaunchX gives it feature parity with the desktop version of RemoteLaunch, specifically it includes support for data-driven testing with test configurations, more flexible regular expression matching, and support for configurable default statuses.

Data-Driven Testing

The new data-driven testing functionality allows you to create test configurations in SpiraTest that model all of the different platforms and environments you need to test against:

Test configurations can also be used to test against different sets of logins, user profiles and other test data in addition. With RemoteLaunchX, you can schedule tests to run against different automation hosts, and each of the hosts will execute the set of test cases multiple times, one iteration for each unique combination of parameter values in the test configuration set. This allows you to perform large-scale automated regression testing on different platforms and have a central platform for orchestration and reporting.

About SpiraTest®

SpiraTest® is a powerful Requirements and Test Management solution that manages a software project’s requirements, scope, use-cases, tests, releases and bugs and issues in one environment, with complete requirements traceability throughout. Customers can track every bug or issue back to the test case and test step that being executed, and from there back to the underlying requirement needing fulfillment.

About RemoteLaunchX

RemoteLaunchX extends the functionality of SpiraTest to allow the remote execution of testing applications and frameworks on different platforms including Linux, Mac and Windows. RemoteLaunchX reports the test results automatically back into eSpiraTest for enterprise quality reporting and metrics. The system allows testers to specify custom regular expressions for parsing the output of automated test frameworks to more accurately determine the execution status and outcome as well as perform data-driven testing using test configurations.

About Inflectra®

Inflectra® is a privately held software company dedicated to helping its customers - large corporations, small businesses, professional services firms, government agencies and individual developers – with the means to effectively and affordably manage their software development lifecycles, so as to decrease the time to market and increase return on investment.