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Spira v3.2 Patch 11 Now Available

18-May-2012 by Inflectra Product News

Patch 11 is now available for SpiraTest , SpiraPlan and SpiraTeam v3.2. It fixes some issues and adds a new REST API that will used by our new help desk application.

The complete release notes are:

  • ! Fixes display issue on Release Detailed XML report
  • + Added automated test run information to Test Run saved search RSS feed
  • ! Fixes issue where removing custom property definitions can sometimes throw an exception
  • ~ Username validation relaxed to allow all numeric usernames
  • ! Fixes translation errors in the Czech language files
  • ! Fixes error popup on 'My Account' when items are missing from database.
  • + Adds REST API for use by KronoDesk help desk application
  • ! Fixes issue with pagination and sorting on Test Step and Test Run navigation bars
  • ~ Administration pages now check that the attachment folder exists before allowing an admin to update it