SpiraTest, SpiraTeam and SpiraPlan v6.2.2 Now Available | Inflectra

SpiraTest, SpiraTeam and SpiraPlan v6.2.2 Now Available

11-Dec-2019 by Inflectra Product News

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest version of our award winning test management, application lifecycle management, and enterprise agile planning platform - Spira. The new version (6.2.2) provides several important bug fixes and enhancements over v6.2.1.

Where Can I Learn More

Here are some of the more important items in the new version:

  • Build detail page: need ability to collapse description section, or confine it within a scrollable box-[IN:4300]

  • Cloning workflows does not copy digital signature settings correctly-[IN:4674]

  • Fix sidebars on list and details pages to the top of the page so they are always visible-[IN:5214]

  • Search in dropdowns for anywhere in the values, not just at the start-[IN:5244]

  • Improve the UI for the Modal Dialog Boxes when creating Custom Reports -[IN:5293]

The full list is available in the Spira 6.2.2 Release Notes.

How Do I Get the New Version?

For on-premise / download customers, you can get the latest version right away by going to the secure Customer Area of our website.

For cloud customers, we will be updating you to v6.2.2.0 this coming weekend (Saturday December 14th, 2019).