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Preview of SpiraTest v5.2 - Testing Enhancements

April 24th, 2017

We're very excited about the next version of SpiraTest (also SpiraPlan and SpiraTeam) coming out on April 26th. It includes a set of enhancements to the test management functionality that were a favorite of our testers at the recent user summits in Europe. In this article, we'd like to highlight three of these popular changes: 

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Google for Developers: Pros and Cons of Google's Sheets API

April 18th, 2017

Chris, one of Inflectra's latest interns, has created a brand new way to get data into SpiraTeam: Google Sheets (feel free to check out the code on Github). Google Sheets is great product, letting you create spreadsheets from anywhere at anytime. While it's great for us as consumers to use, what's it like for a developer? Chris explains some plusses and minuses to working with the Google Sheets API.

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Rapise v5.1 - Scriptless Automated Testing

April 18th, 2017

We're very excited about the next version of Rapise coming out later this month. It has many enhancements and improvements for testing the web, mobile and desktop applications which we'll be discussing, but the biggest new feature is the ability to create scriptless tests, using a familiar Excel-based grid framework for composing automated tests. Unlike some other tools (cough cough HP UFT) this is natively part of Rapise, not some add-on.

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Office365: Pros and Cons of Microsoft's Excel API

April 17th, 2017

Rodrigo, one of Inflectra's latest interns, has achieved what customers have long been asking for: a cross-platform Excel plugin for getting data into SpiraTeam (feel free to check out the code on Github ). With the latest versions of office, there's a new API that lets the same plugin work in the web (Office365) as well as on the desktop (Windows and Mac with Office 2016+). Rodrigo explains how he found the Office API to work with.

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Preview of SpiraTest v5.2 - Revamped User Interface for Incidents

April 10th, 2017

We're very excited about the next version of SpiraTest (also SpiraPlan and SpiraTeam) coming out on April 26th. It features a lot of enhancements which will be the subject of future blog posts. However one big area is the redesign of the Incidents pages (both the one that displays the list of incidents and the one that displays a single incident when you click on it). This article explains some of the reasons behind the change and an explanation of what you can expect in v5.2. For those not heavily using the incidents module, it is still worth reading because in v5.3 we will be similarly changing all of the testing pages.

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It’s Official – East Coast User Summit is On!

April 7th, 2017

You probably remember our recent posts about Inflectra’s plan to host North America User Summits in Boston, MA and San-Francisco, CA in 2017. We are pleased to announce that we’ve now finalized the details of our inaugural East Coast User Summit, and have the following updates to share:  

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Listening to our Customers: Updated Product Roadmaps

April 4th, 2017

One of the most popular sessions in our recent user summits in London, Zürich and Mannheim were the discussions of the future Inflectra product roadmaps. We presented the proposed roadmap for SpiraTest, SpiraPlan, SpiraTeam and Rapise to the community and captured their feedback and suggestions (sadly there was not time to also cover KronoDesk). Based on their feedback we have now published the updated roadmaps for the products for 2017/2018. Learn what users in Europe had to say.

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