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Throwback Thursday: Rapise through the Ages

As we close out our focus on Rapise this month, we thought it would fun to take a look at how the UI used to look when it was first released in 2010, as well as look at how we've adjusted the UI to include new features while keeping the application simple to navigate.

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New Inflectra Website Coming this Weekend

Well, we've heard the feedback and this weekend we shall be launching an updated Inflectra website with a new fresh modern look that is easier to use, works across all devices and sets the foundation for other changes coming later this year.  (Read More)

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When is Configurability a Bad Idea?

What is worse than a product that is not configurable? Answer: a product that is completely configurable. This might seem counter intuitive: don’t we all want to have products that we can control and dictate their behavior? Well, yes, and no. As products become more configurable they often become harder to use, or at least hard to set up. (Read More)

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