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How Many Tools Does It Take to Set Up A TestOps Environment With Selenium?

We set ourselves the challenge. If we want to use JavaScript (arguably the most popular programming language in 2017) and Selenium WebDriver to create an integrated testing framework (often called Testing Operations or TestOps for short), how would we do it, and what tools would we need?

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Speeding Up Software Testing with New Eclipse Plugin for SpiraTeam

At Inflectra, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to manage your tasks, bugs, and requirements, so you can get back to developing. That’s why we develop plugins that work in the IDEs you use the most. Eclipse remains the most popular Java IDE on the planet, and we are happy to announce a new version of our Eclipse plugin.

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Google for Developers: Pros and Cons of Google's Sheets API

Chris, one of Inflectra's latest interns, has created a brand new way to get data into SpiraTeam: Google Sheets (feel free to check out the code on Github). Google Sheets is great product, letting you create spreadsheets from anywhere at anytime. While it's great for us as consumers to use, what's it like for a developer? Chris explains some plusses and minuses to working with the Google Sheets API.

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