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KronoDesk 2.0 Will Suggest Ways to Solve Customer Problems

One of the exciting new features included in the soon-to-be-released update to our KronoDesk help desk system is the ability to auto-suggest information before a customer submits a ticket.

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Themes Aren't What They Used To Be

Kronodesk, Inflectra's helpdesk and support tool, is getting some exciting changes ahead of the release of version 2.0. Every part of the application is being refreshed, reworked, and redesigned. Kronodesk's theme editor is no exception. It will let users quickly and easily customize exactly how the application looks, letting them closely match their other websites and assets. (Read More)

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A First Look at KronoDesk 2.0

We have been working hard in 2015 to completely update the user interface of KronoDesk to make it fully mobile-responsive, optimize its user experience and also improve its performance. This is of course in addition to the new features already planned (ability to group accounts, reporting, ability to send documents, customizeable roles).

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KronoDesk has made the Top 25 in GetRank!

GetApp has just released its 2015 Q1 Customer Service ranking, GetRank, and KronoDesk has made the top 25.

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It’s an Issue! Don’t Bug Me!

I recently had cause to call my bank. Now, I wasn’t expecting to speak to a real person right away; I don’t pay enough fees for that. But I was at least hoping that relatively quickly I could press 1, then press 3 and then 2 to get to the right person to ask my question. Like most of us, I have battled automated help systems on many occasions and I know the routine. I had checked the support website and looked for pre-existing answers to my question, but with no luck and so now I had turned to the phone. As an aside, can it really be true that every organization out there needs me to listen to their entire message because they have all changed their menu options? Are they ever going to get them right? (Read More)

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