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Can Use Cases Replace User Stories?

User Stories are often characterized by relatively short, uncomplicated and informal descriptions, whereas Use Cases are often longer, more formally structured descriptions of not only the user need but also other details. Can Use Cases strike a balance between the need for agility and the need for more information, and if so, how? (Read More)

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User Story Testability

The language used to define user stories in Agile projects tends to be less prescriptive than that in traditional projects. This means that many developers and testers assume that this means that they are often less testable, when in fact the reverse is true. This article explains why. (Read More)

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Customer Support is an Asset Not a Liability

In the rush to streamline and cut costs, there is a tendency towards reduced customer contact with real people. This poses real challenges in industries such as computer software that depend on frequent customer feedback to make sure they are building systems that actually meet their end users' needs. (Read More)

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