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Custom Strings


Custom Strings allow you to associate meta data with your test.  Each custom string has a name and a value.  The value can be retrieved using the name.




Adding a Custom String


Open the NameValue Collection Editor dialog. Instructions are HERE.


Press the Add button.


Fill in a name and value for the custom string.


Press OK.  The dialog will close.


Retrieving a Custom String value

Use the GetCustomString() method to retrieve a custom string's value.  See the example below:

var factory = new ActiveXObject("Rapise.Test.Test");

var test = factory.LoadFromFile( Global.GetFullPath("UsingCustomStrings.sstest"));

var BugID = test.GetCustomString("BugID");

var TestID = test.GetCustomString("TestID");


See Also

There is a sample test called UsingCustomStrings.