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Dynamics CRM



Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management application from Microsoft, that provides sales, service, and marketing capabilities. Microsoft sells Microsoft Dynamics CRM separately from the ERP products. CRM is available either as on-premises software or as a software-as-a-service offering called "Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online".


Rapise can be used to test installations of Dynamics CRM both on-premise and online.


Dynamics CRM On-Premise




Dynamics CRM Online



Recording a Dynamics CRM Test


Both versions of Dynamics CRM (server and online) are completely web-based and use a web browser to access the user interface. Therefore when recording a test using Rapise, you use the same web browser libraries that you use to record other web tests:

oMost of the Dynamics CRM user interface will be tested using the standard browser library for your web browser of choice (e.g. Internet Explorer HTML, Firefox HTML, and Chrome HTML).

oIn addition, there are special controls inside CRM that Rapise has specialized support for. For that reason you'll also see the DomDynamicsCrm library added to your test as well as the browser one. This DomDynamicsCrm library adds additional rules that identify certain CRM objects to make testing easier.


When you record your first test, you'll the following library selection code generated automatically by Rapise:


g_load_libraries=["%g_browserLibrary:Internet Explorer HTML%", "DomDynamicsCrm"];


Recording and Learning Objects

During recording while you interact with Dynamics CRM, Rapise captures actions and displays them in the recording dialog:


Some of these objects will be standard HTML DOM objects (e.g. hyperlink):


and others will be specific to Dynamics CRM:



Tips for Interacting with Objects


The following unique objects are available within Dynamics CRM that Rapise has special support for:


Dynamics CRM Grid


One of the the most important UI elements inside Dynamics CRM is the sortable, filterable grid:




The Dynamics CRM Grid is used in lots of different screens inside Dynamics CRM (e.g. Contacts, Accounts, etc.) and it is very common to need to interact with it in test scripts.


When you record operations on such a grid or simply learn the entire grid using CTRL+2 you will learn the DynamicsCrmGrid object:





In additional to the standard HTML object methods and properties, you have the following special functions that you can perform on the grid:

oDoClickCell() - Clicks the specified cell when you specify the x-index, y-index, the type of click (left-click, right-click, etc.)

oDoFullText() - Returns the textual representation of the entire table

oGetCell - Gets the text of the specified cell.

oGetColumnCount - Gets the number of columns in grid

oGetColumnName - Gets the caption of a column.

oGetRowCount - Gets the number of rows in grid

oGetSelectedRow - Gets the index of the selected row.

oGetSelectedRowCount - Gets the number of selected rows.

oGetSelectedRows - Gets the selected rows.