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Enter filter criteria for... Dialog


enter filter criteria dialog



Allow more than one filter criteria for the same column.


How to Open

In the Report Viewer, open the drop-down menu for one of the filter cells; select the Custom option (see below):

report filtering, custom option



enter filter criteria dialog,condition


You may specify as many conditions as you like.  Each condition has two properties, a Matching Criteria on the left and a filter value on the right.  The filter value is a string, and the matching criteria specifies what constitutes a match.   For more details, look HERE.


Filter Aggregation

There are two ways you can aggregate / combine filter conditions:

enter filter criteria dialog,radio list


All:  All conditions must be true to constitute a match.

Any: At least one condition must be true to constitute a match.



enter filter criteria dialog,buttons


Add: Add a extra condition row.

Delete: Delete the selected condition.

You can select a condition by clicking on the field name to the left of the matching criteria:

enter filter criteria dialog,condition selected


OK: Close the dialog and apply the filter.

Cancel: Close the dialog.  Do not apply the filter.