This page is maintained for older versions of Rapise only. The latest documentation can be found at:
File Menu



The File menu provides quick access to all the File management functions in Rapise. Many of these are also available on the main Test ribbon.








The File menu has the following options:

·Create a new Test - creates a new Rapise test, it can be saved either to Spira or locally.

·Open an existing Test - opens an existing test that is already available locally.

·Open File - opens a single file and adds to the current test project

·Save the current Test - saves the current test locally

·Open Test from Spira - opens a test from Spira and downloads to the local repository

·Save to Spira - saves the current test to the Spira test management system

·Save As - saves the current test locally with a different file name

·Exit - exits Rapise.