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Object Tree Dialog


object tree dialog



Display learned objects.


How to Open

The Objects dialog is part of the Default Layout.


Context Menu (root node)

Right click the Object Tree node to see:

object tree dialog, context menu

Refresh checks for new objects to display.

Collapse all collapses the entire object tree.

Expand all expands the entire object tree.

Filter... filters the object tree.


Context Menu (object)

Right click on an object in the Object Tree dialog to see:

object tree dialog, context menu 2

Flash opens the application/url where the object is located.  A frame will blink around the object to show you where it is on the page.

Re-Learn will open up the Recorder, allowing you to re-learn the object. This is useful if the AUT has changed and the object definition will no longer correctly locate the object.

Remove simply removes the selected object from the tree.

Clone makes a copy of the object definition and adds the cloned version into the tree. You can then make changes to the cloned copy.

Add Parameter opens up a dialog box that lets you add a custom parameter to the learned object definition (stored in the Test.objects.js file).