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Ribbon: Report


ribbon, report



The Report tab is for use with report (trp) files.


How to Open

The Report tab is available anytime you have a report (trp) file visible in the Content View.



ribbon, report, file

The drop-down menu contains a history of previously opened reports.

Press Plain to view test steps, assertions, and messages aligned in a table.

Press Hierarchical to more clearly see what assertions, messages, and data are associated with which test steps.



ribbon, report, export

Press Export to Excel to save the report as an excel file.

Press Export to PDF to save the report as an Acrobat PDF file.



ribbon, report, layout

The drop-down menu lets you choose between previously saved layouts.

You must press Save Layout to keep your layout changes after closing Rapise.

Press Reset Layout to undo any changes you've made.



ribbon, report, data

Press Choose Columns to hide or reveal report columns.

Merge Cells: Merge identical consecutive cells.



ribbon, report, display

Images: Toggle between hiding and revealing images.

Collapse: Collapse the report to show only the top level.  What is visible will depend on how the report is sorted.

Expand: Expand all report rows.


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