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Select an Application to Record... Dialog


select an application to record dialog



The Select an Application to Record... (SAR) Dialog appears before Recording takes place when testing desktop applications.

It queries the user for which program to record, as well as what Recording Library to use.

If you are recording the same application for the second time then SAR is not shown. The recording proceeds to last used application if it is still available on the screen.


How To Open

To open the SAR Dialog, press the Record/Learn button on the Ribbon (Test tab > Recording & Learning menu):

ribbon, test, record-learn



select an application to record dialog, library table

The Library table lists the available Recording Libraries.  Select the one appropriate to the process/program you will record.  If you select Auto, Rapise will attempt to choose the correct recording library for you.  See the Recording Library section for more information.


Available Applications

select an application to record dialog, select application table

The Available Applications table lists all of the processes running at the time you open the SAR dialog.  If the process you would like to record is already open, you can select if from the table.  Pick the appropriate recording library (above) first before you pick an application to record; your application choice will become unselected if you do not do it last.



select an application to record dialog, buttons

The Cancel button closes the dialog.

Show All: While unchecked only top level application windows reflected in the Windows Task Bar are shown in the 'Available Applications' list.  Check this and press Refresh to see all top level windows available on the screen.

Refresh List: Press to refresh the Available Applications table.  After refreshing, you will see processes that began after the SAR dialog was opened.

Select button: To record a process from the Available Applications table, select the process and then press the Select button.


Run Application Tab

select an application to record dialog-run application tab


Path drop down list: If the program you would like to record is not already open, you can specify its path here.  If the program is already running, you can select it from the Available Applications table.

Browse button: Browse for an application to open and record.

Use working directory: To set a specific working directory when launching the application, check the box and enter in a value for the working directory.

Run button: To record a program that is not currently open, fill in the Path text-box and press the Run button.

The Cancel button closes the dialog.