This page is maintained for older versions of Rapise only. The latest documentation can be found at:
Start Page




To display the latest news and information regarding Rapise and the currently open test.

The Start Page is intended to be a convenient entry point for most common tasks related to test design and execution. The Start Page provides:

·1. A link to the Spira Dashboard: This will open the Spira Dashboard that provides a convenient way to interact with Inflectra's SpiraTest test management system or Inflectra's SpiraTeam application lifecycle management system.

·2. Current Test information block, including:

o3. Test Name and available scenarios

o4. Test Parameters including the Spira Properties for the test. These include the IDs of the project and test case in SpiraTest. In addition, for web-based tests there will be the special Browser selection property. All tests will include any custom properties set by user.

o5. Test Description. This information is taken from a Readme.htm file (if it exists in the test folder of the current test). If this file does not exist then the first /** ... */ comment inside the Test function is displayed instead.

·6. Quick Start Guide This is an interactive tutorial for beginners who are using the system for the first time. It may be hidden by unchecking the Show checkbox.

·7. Recent Tests. This displays a clickable list of recently used tests

·8. Browser Samples. This displays a list of available Rapise samples. Some samples are shipped with Rapise while others are provided from the online public repository.

·9. The Fetch Samples button is used to download/update additional samples from online public repository.


How to Open

The Start Page opens automatically with Rapise. This behavior can be modified in the Options dialog using the ShowStartPageOnStartup setting.