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General discussions surrounding the use of Rapise. This is appropriate forum for posting questions and issues to the user community.

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Exit from an iframe?
25 views 2 replies
Hello, I have ran on an issue when filling a form with multiple inputs. I am playing the test in Selenium WebDriver since thats what the client requires. One of the input fields is in an iframe - …
Check If Signed In Before Test Start
155 views 4 replies
Hello, I am trying to write a test that involves the actions of signing in and out of a web application. However, I also work manually in this web app as well so I need to sign in manually as we…
Sending Input to a Date Field
126 views 1 replies
Hello, Has anyone ever used Rapise to automate the action of sending input to a field expecting a date value? Im trying to do this in a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales application and cant seem to g…
Closing Chrome Gracefully
144 views 2 replies
Hello, I am trying to make a practice of including a step at the end of my RVL scripts that closes Google Chrome in a graceful manner. Previously, a help desk person told me to include this row…
Running tests in Jenkins hangs on Navigator.ExecJS
205 views 1 replies
Hello Inflectra, I have tried to connect Rapise with Jenkins and started running tests locally. Ive hit a roadblock when one of my tests halts on a line that contains Navigator.ExexJS(js function)…
Setup Rapise-v5.5.12.6.exe problem
184 views 1 replies
Hi, I dont have administrator rights on my computer. I downloaded the Rapise-v5.5.12.6.exe setup, and I launched the installation with the help of the IT team, everything seemed to be ok. At the…
Open IE browser with fixed width?
1909 views 4 replies
Is it possible to open a browser in a fixed width? Such as Navigator.Open('https://www.anywebadress.com'); and some prefix? In Internet Explorer view->zoom I can set different %. Is it possible to s…
How to find Combo box selected item index?
230 views 1 replies
Hi I am facing difficulty in using the Combo boxes in my Windows application. The goal is to :- Read all the options, find out the selected index and set a new index. The combo boxes in question …
DatePicker - AngularJS
229 views 2 replies
Hi, I am now trying to test a system that uses AngularJS framework. Then I encountered some error every time I pick a date. It says that there is no data in the required fields even though is has a…
Selenium Integration with Spira dotnet invironment
312 views 1 replies
I want to integrate selenium Test with Spira test. I have downloaded NUnit and installed in VS. I am not getting how to Run NUnit GUI …
Unable to launch command prompt using rapise when recording a script
393 views 1 replies
Hi I am trying to automate the flow of running a command in the command prompt for several machines. I am unable to launch command prompt from Rapise. When an instance of command prompt is already…
693 views 1 replies
I need help on how to record and playback a dropdown …
Trouble recording or playing script
739 views 1 replies
I recorded a script and then created custom functions under *.user.js file. Saved the objects in the same directory where the script is. Now when I am trying to play the script it failed with below e…
Node.js libraries
860 views 1 replies
I am exploring the idea of using Rapise for automation and am wondering about Javascript library support. Would it be possible to integrate with Node.js libraries? For example Mongodb JS APIs: …
Error raised when I run the recorded script!!!
1021 views 1 replies
Hi all, Could anyone guide how to setup selenium? …
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