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This guide describes the different types of mouse events and how they are recorded in Rapise.

By default the Rapise recorder is sensitive to following mouse events:

  • Mouse left click

Depending on type of Application Under Test (AUT) it is possible that other mouse activities are recorded such as:

  • Left double-click
  • Left triple-click

Rapise does not record the following mouse actions:

  • Mouse move over element (hovering, onmousemove)
  • Right mouse button click
  • Right mouse button double-click
  • Middle mouse button click
  • Middle mouse button double click
  • Mouse gestures of all kind including Drag&Drop, Drag&Resize and so on

Although only a limited subset of mouse activity is being recorded, there are a number of ways to reproduce mouse activity of any complexity in test scenarios.

  1. Use actions available for any object: DoLClick, DoLDClick, DoLButtonUp, DoLButtonDown and so on (actions of Win32Generic behavior).
  2. Use Analog Recording to exactly learn mouse movements. See the AnalogRecorder sample that demonstrates the analog recorder facilities.


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