Using Team Foundation Server

With Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) you normally connect using a TFS URL:

For example you would use http://vm-tfs:8080/tfs/DefaultCollection to connect to this instance in the SpiraTeam connection dialogs:

The login and password would need to be the Microsoft ActiveDirectory (Windows Network) login/password for the instance of TFS being connected to. The Windows DOMAIN needs to be included in the Custom 01 field.

Using Microsoft Azure DevOps

When using Azure DevOps you need to first login to the instance of Azure DevOps and access your profile:


From the menu displayed by clicking on the user profile icon select the Security menu item

When the Security menu item is selected, the User settings submenu is displayed:

From the User settings submenu select, Alternative credentials:

You need to now enter a login and password that SpiraTeam will use to connect to Azure DevOps:

Now when you connect from SpiraTeam you use these credentials instead:

You use the base URL of Azure DevOps: https://myinstance.visualstudio.comor (don't enter the project name in the URL).

For the login/password, make sure  you use the alternate credentials you just created. Also make sure to leave Custom 01 blank so that it doesn't try and use a Windows Domain user.