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Using CheckObjectExists(xpathOrObjId) to See if Web Object Exists on Page
This articles describes how you can use the Navigator.CheckObjectExists(...) function to see if a web page exists and how it differs from the Global.DoWaitFor / DoWaitForProperty functions that are described in another article.
Using Navigator.ExecJS to call Javascript functions
Sometimes you need to call JavaScript code directly from Rapise rather than firing a DOM event (e.g. clicking on an element) and having that element fire a client-side event handler. This article explains some of the pitfalls and techniques for doing this when you have global functions rather than functions that are part of the core browser model.
Executing Javascript commands against web browser
Sometimes you want to be able to open a browser window (e.g. Internet Explorer) and execute JavaScript commands directly against the DOM objects rather than using the Rapise Learned objects. This article explains the recommended way of doing this.