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spira plugin for jenkins
I have a problem with the use of the spira plugin for jenkins. We have automated tests, running e...
Are You Treating Your Testers Like Robots
WHY DO people try to make humans do a task that is better suited to computers... WHY DO people ...
Rapise can't capture object in silverlight
I am using auto libraries when I record. It come out with "Click on Sliverlight control host" whi...
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Link to Octopus Deploy to trigger automated testing when deploy is successful
Hi, Does anyone know of a way to link Octopus Deploy to SpiraTeam so that we can trigger the au...
Automation Host not a filter in Reports for Test Sets or Test Runs.
Having the filter would be an immense help. Is the filter being added in a future release? Is it ...
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Adding JUnit jar to a gradle project
Hi, Im using Bobcat as automation framework, and it uses gradle to build it. I want to use also t...
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How to use the SOAP API AutomationEngine_Create
I am pretty new for the SpiraTest. We use Robot Framewor as our autoamtion test tool. There is no d...
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Automated testing of single test case
I use SpiraTest to launch tests that are executed in a custom-built Java engine. The process is sta...
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Missing some Email Notification settings
Hi, Im missing some settings in Email notification events setup. Our use-case is: 1. Manua...
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Cannot Set Automation Host For Test Set
Im trying to integrate Selenium with SpiraTest. I added the automation host in administration setti...
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Report on the Document Type used by Test Case Automation Scripts
A customer asked: I need to create a custom graph that shows the amount of test cases per docume...
pytest-spiratest - how to obtain test case id of test within Class
Here is part of my spira.cfg: [test_cases] test_example = 1 TestClass.test_example = 2 The probl...
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Assert and Verify Commands in Selenium
Hello Everyone, I am new in this community and I am learning selenium to get a job in automation te...
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