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SpiraTeam v5.0.0.7 Update Released

We are pleased to announce the release of the v5.0.0.7 update to Spira v5.0. If you are running Spira 5 and are a self-hosted customer, please take the time to upgrade to v5.0.0.7 as soon as possible.

- Right-Clicking on Folder in List gives error- [IN:3507]
- Test run detail page does not display properly, unless a rich text custom property exists- [IN:3510]
- Changed Button Color/Icon on Project Membership 2nd page- [IN:3511]
- Resolved Release Not Populating on New Incident Page- [IN:3512]
- The ability to paste a screenshot directly in a rich text field is not working in Chrome - [IN:3513]

- Execution status emails are not working properly- [IN:3515]
- On artifact detail page, selecting Tools -> Export to Excel includes all of the artifacts. Should be only the current one.- [IN:3518]
- TST_ARTIFACT_LINK_TYPE not being backed up by data-migration- [IN:3519]
- Spira POST API handler from KronoDesk broken- [IN:3520]
- Test Execution hangs when there are no test steps- [IN:3521]
- SpiraPlan should not show Testing > Automation Hosts in the navbar- [IN:3522]
- Version 5.0 Data Migration tool is including deleted folders- [IN:3523]
- Test Case details page: when you collapse the workflow panel, an authorization error occurs.- [IN:3524]
- Test Execution loads with error when data syncs are enabled (eg Jira)- [IN:3525]
- Online help: If you launch help from "My Profile" page, it doesn't open to the right help topic.- [IN:3527]

- Test Execution loads with error for some customers - [IN:3525]

- Event log: don't generate warnings about non-existent usernames anymore.- [IN:3374]
- Test step history: the artifact name for test step changes is currently "Artifact [TS: ]". Should be the test case name.- [IN:3498]
- Role that does not have permission to create test cases can still create them by using the new button within Add Linked Test Case dialog- [IN:3500]
- Drag and Drop not initiated on creation from list view- [IN:3509]
- On list pages and detail pages, Tools -> Export to Excel includes all of the artifacts. Should be only the selected ones.- [IN:3518]
- Edit Buttons lost after refresh in Folder View Spira 5.0- [IN:3530]
- Instant Message dialog pops up off the screen in certain circumstances- [IN:3532]
- During test execution, the attachment and incident pop ups don't always work.- [IN:3533]
- Test step history is hidden for the default tester role, it should be visible since tester has view permission for test steps- [IN:3535]
- Test execution leave button refreshes the page, does not return to previous page- [IN:3536]
- Test Case Folder added to release do not add the child test cases to that release- [IN:3537]
- Resource details page: After adding or removing contact, the screen refreshes and all requirements in the project are displayed- [IN:3538]
- Issues with Multi-Select Filtered- [IN:3540]
- Task detailed report in HTML format is almost blank. OK in XML format.- [IN:3541]

- Test Case Folder added to release do not add the child test cases to that release- [IN:3537]
- Test Case and Test Set lists: issues with Tools -> Print and Tools -> Export and folder selection- [IN:3542]
- Test Case Tools -> Add to Test Set feature: the dialog allows you to select a test set FOLDER, which gives an error.- [IN:3544]
- Workflow operations text does not wrap to next line properly- [IN:3546]
- The Test Case Priority Field is empty on list pages- [IN:3547]
- Modify My page: IE11 does not properly show the modification dialog box- [IN:3548]
- Some high-ascii characters not appearing in tooltips..- [IN:3549]
- Test Execution repeats test case description of first test run to all test runs in the test runs pending- [IN:3551]
- Edit Role Details page: hide Requirement Step & Placeholder items under Artifact Permissions- [IN:3552]
- Editing on main Test Case list: make the "Test Steps?" field read-only- [IN:3553]
- Release test coverage is still counting deleted test cases. - [IN:3558]
- Requirement detail page: for Use Cases, the scenario section renders badly- [IN:3560]
- Remove confusing UI on test case details page, where the functionality of the delete buttons was not clear- [IN:3563]
- Pagination Issue when you have a multiple of the pagination size- [IN:3564]

- Updates to Finnish translations
- Error deleting Test Case folders that have multiple levels of subfolders- [IN:3543]
- Instant Message dialog: often when you attempt to move it by dragging its header, its shadow jumps up and to the left.- [IN:3550]
- Side bar resize drag handles don't syncronize when two panels are in the side bar- [IN:3565]
- Test Case list: folders don't get updated with the latest test coverage changes...- [IN:3566]
- Cloning a release: the test case folders don't have the expected test case coverage- [IN:3570]
- Add workflow button on admin, incident workflows does not work- [IN:3572]
- Getting exception when data-mapping Test Case Priority- [IN:3573]
- Images added to test steps show too large when in datagrids (eg test steps on test case details page)- [IN:3574]
- The 'Add Component' button has no effect.- [IN:3575]
- Clicking on execution status on test case details page does not take you to most recent test run- [IN:3579]
- Document subscription doesn't appear on "My Subscribed Artifacts" widget- [IN:3581]
- ConcurrencyException When Setting Release Data Sync ID value- [IN:3583]
- Spira Test Runs Page Not Displaying Rapise Test Run Steps- [IN:3585]
- When a new incident is created by cloning an existing one, a notification is not sent.- [IN:3586]
- Test Set Status Widget Overdue list on project home page is not filtered correctly to current project.- [IN:3587]
- Unneccery Error thrown when exporting Document to another project.- [IN:3591]
- Reporting datagrid popup can be taller than viewport and its top above the top of the page, meaning it can't be moved or closed- [IN:3594]
- Test Case "Save & New" button throws error.- [IN:3596]
- Images that are pasted into rich text are not included in PDF format and Word 2003 reports.- [IN:3597]
- System Error when saving a user profile- [IN:3599]
- In Test Set Details, the Test Cases context menu - Execute link does not do anything- [IN:3604]
- Editing Test Case Parameters > Name Deletes the Parameter- [IN:3607]
- Test case parameters slow when you have lots of parameters- [IN:3609]
- UI problem with dropdowns within a dialog: they are too small (seem to be restricted to the border of the dialog behind them)- [IN:3613]
- Add Existing Attachment Dialog too short and its document ordering is not alphabetical- [IN:3614]

- Version control settings page 'Test' button uses the saved password if it is left masked
- Add test case/step/set parameter retrieval to API- [IN:1877]
- Add TestRun_RetrieveByTestCaseId function to v5.0 API- [IN:2344]
- API - Add TestRun_Delete- [IN:2761]
- Additional fields to the Test Case APIs- [IN:2887]
- Release detailed report: test case coverage section is incomplete- [IN:3567]
- New document notification does not fire when image is pasted directly into an artifact- [IN:3580]
- Test case can still have the no-steps icon even after you add steps- [IN:3601]
- Show/Hide columns throw 'System.NullReferenceException: ...' message on custom fields in the Test Cases section of a Test Set- [IN:3616]
- Add Existing Attachment dialog: long folder names overlap each other in the folder tree- [IN:3618]
- SpiraTeam - TFS Version control authentication, not working when password masked (encrypted)- [IN:3619]
- Remove confusing UI on test set and requirements details page, where the functionality of the delete buttons was not clear- [IN:3620]
- Source code details page does not provide enough space for long filepaths- [IN:3625]
- Add Test Case to the Test Set dialog: Error occurs if you navigate off the root and then back to it.- [IN:3626]
- Unable to save certain artifacts on SQL Server 2016- [IN:3628]
- Live spell checking does not work in rich text editor- [IN:3629]
- Test Set Last Executed time is reset to 12:00 AM when the set is modified.- [IN:3636]
- 404 when clicking ENTER and no text box highlighted- [IN:3637]
- Test Case Last Executed time is reset to 12:00 AM when the case is modified.- [IN:3642]

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