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SpiraTeam v5.0.0.8 Update Released

We are pleased to announce the release of the v5.0.0.8 update to Spira v5.0. If you are running Spira 5 and are a self-hosted customer, please take the time to upgrade to v5.0.0.8 as soon as possible. Our cloud / SaaS customers have already been updated this weekend.

Releases Notes

The following bugs were fixed and enhancements added:

- Add history items to SOAP API- [IN:1770]
- Test Set information not updated after changing test run information- [IN:2004]
- Add RemoteHistory object to API and allow artifact history retrieval- [IN:2297]
- Attachment and test data visibility. Disable "Add existing" attachment link for limited view.- [IN:2979]
- Click-through from Project Home Requirements Summary widget erroneously filters by release- [IN:3309]
- On task detail page, the component field cannot be hidden or disabled- [IN:3332]
- Nav Sidebar in test case details, test set details, task details and document screens can show strange data.- [IN:3508]
- Document Export to Project function doesn't create a new document, just a link to the original...- [IN:3593]
- Test Step Custom properties missing from printable test script report- [IN:3647]
- Test Sets: Time value for 'Planned Date' partially obscured by the clock icon. Chrome 52 and Edge.- [IN:3650]
- v5 API for POST to search Test cases throws an error- [IN:3656]
- DataSync ID missing from Incident reports- [IN:3659]
- Cannot enable TaraVault Users (password box does not appear)- [IN:3661]
- Test execution list does not always scroll correctly with a large number of test steps in the run- [IN:3671]
- Notifications not being sent for automated test runs (inc. subscriptions)- [IN:3672]
- ExecutionStatusId returns None in TestCase_RetrieveByTestSet functions- [IN:3673]
- Users with role set to "Limited View" no longer have access to view attached documents for their assigned items- [IN:3677]
- Test Step grid on Test Case Page could make columns too wide making review and editing very hard- [IN:3680]
- Ability to download REST web services as Rapise web service (.rest) defition files

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