Inflectra Ninjas Session: Spira APIs

25-May-2023 by Inflectra

The next session of our Inflectra Ninja workshops will focus on Spira APIs. This unscripted, hour-long drop-in with Inflectra's experts will take place on Thursday, May 25, 2023 at 10 am (EST)


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The Inflectra Ninjas program aims to help users and customers: 

  • learn advanced concepts and best practices for managing complex processes inside the Inflectra platforms
  • work through their real-world problems in the real time
  • network, share practical tips and tricks, and learn from others
  • become part of the Inflectra Ninja community. 

Inflectra Ninja drop-in workshops are open to all users of Spira and Rapise platforms. These sessions will not be recorded. 



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