This page is maintained for older versions of KronoDesk only. The latest documentation can be found at:

KronoDesk 1.0 Administration Guide Help Viewer

3.1.1. General Settings

The General Settings page is used to set the general application-wide settings that affect the overall application and are used to ensure that the application matches your environment. In the current version, you can specify the default language, specify the base URL, configure the folder used to store document attachments and also specify whether certain parts of the application should require a secure connection.

This page lets you specify the following values:

  • Default Culture - KronoDesk can display information in a variety of different languages (assuming that the appropriate language packs have been installed) and number formats. By default, KronoDesk will use the regional settings (language and number formats) of the operating system it has been installed on. However, you can override this default by choosing the appropriate culture from the list of options displayed in the drop-down list. Note: The list of culture options does not reflect the available language packs, so in some cases, the setting will only change the number formats.
  • Attachments Folder - By default when KronoDesk is installed, the document attachments uploaded in the system get stored inside the C:\Program Files\KronoDesk\Attachments folder located inside the main KronoDesk installation root. However you may want to have the documents stored on a remotely mounted drive or on a different hard disk partition. In which case you can simply change the folder pointed to in the text-box illustrated above and then click [Save] to commit the change.
  • Application Base URL - This is the URL that your users use to access the system. Do not put the /Login.aspx or any other page here, as this URL is used to generate links to different pages in the application. This setting is primarily used in email notifications and RSS feeds to specify the URL of the application.
  • Require SSL – When this is selected, the application will require a secure connection when accessing the Account Profile pages. This is useful if you want to run the site using an unencrypted connection (to maximize performance) but want to require a secure connection for the login pages where a user will have to enter a password. Using this option requires that you have a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate installed on your web server.
  • Default Role – When a new user registers to access your instance of KronoDesk you have an option of assigning them a default role in the system. By default the system will assign all users to the basic “User” role. This role is allowed to read knowledge base articles, read forum posts, post new forum messages and reply to existing forum messages.However this role is not allowed to submit help desk tickets. If you want all your users to be able to send help desk tickets without first requiring an administrator to approve them, you should switch the default role to “Customer”. This will allow all new users to automatically submit help desk tickets by default.