This page is maintained for older versions of KronoDesk only. The latest documentation can be found at:

KronoDesk 1.0 Administration Guide Help Viewer

3.1.2. Appearance

The Appearance page is used to customize the information displayed in KronoDesk so that it is appropriate for your organization. It also allows you to change the application logo so that it displays your company’s name instead of “KronoDesk”.

This page lets you specify the following values:

  • Company Logo – You can change the logo displayed in the application to match your company name. To make the change you just need to click on the “Change” link which brings up the following dialog box:Simply copy the image into the Windows clipboard and click the “Paste image from the clipboard” hyperlink to paste the image into KronoDesk. Then click “Save” to close the dialog box and accept the new logo.
  • Company Name – This field is used to change the name of the company that is displayed in the application footer:
  • Copyright Year – This field is used to change the copyright year to match the starting year of your company’s website copyright.
  • Contact Phone Number – This field is used to specify the phone number that should be displayed on the application footer:
  • Email Address – this field is used to specify the email address displayed on various pages within the application. We recommend that you set this to match your primary support email address (e.g. or ).
  • RSS Feed – The application home page will optionally display a list of recent news headlines from your company’s newsfeed. To enable this functionality, simply enter the URL for your company’s RSS newsfeed into this text box and it will automatically enable the home page widget and tell it to display news items from your newsfeed.
  • Title Prefix – All of the web pages in KronoDesk prefix the title of the page with the application name (e.g. “KronoDesk | Help Desk” or “KronoDesk | Support Forums”). This setting allows you to choose the text displayed in the prefix. We recommend we set it to your company’s name. That way, web pages will be displayed using this name (e.g. “MyCompany | Help Desk”).
  • Hyperlinks (Useful Link #1 - #3) – These three hyperlinks are displayed in the “Useful Links” section of the Customer Homepage:
  • Hyperlinks (Footer Link #1 - #3) – These three hyperlinks are displayed in the footer of the application and can be customized to point to important pages on your website that your customers frequently access (e.g. Support Policy, Privacy Policy, Legal Notices, etc.):