This page is maintained for older versions of KronoDesk only. The latest documentation can be found at:

KronoDesk 1.0 Administration Guide Help Viewer

3.1.7. Remove Sample Data

This administration link is only available while the system still has sample data in it. This administration option will remove all data that was added in at installation, with the following guidelines:

  • Users: All users between ID 2 and ID 11 will be removed. The main Administrator account, and any users created after installation will remain.
  • Tickets: All tickets created at installation will remain, except for the first 28 tickets which were installed
  • Ticket Statuses, Priorities, Resolutions, and Types: All these will be removed, unless any are used in tickets that were created after installation.
  • Custom Property: All custom property definitions for Tickets will be removed.
  • Attachments: All attachments created at installation will be removed.
  • Articles: Articles 1 to 28 will be removed.
  • Products: All predefined products will be removed, unless they are in use by any tickets not removed.
  • Categories: Categories 1 through 4 will be removed, including all forums and threads contained therein, even if they were added after installation.

This can only be run once, and cannot be undone without reinstalling the entire application, so please use with caution!