This page is maintained for older versions of KronoDesk only. The latest documentation can be found at:

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3.6.1. Edit Workflow Details

Clicking on the <Steps> button of an inactive workflow brings up the following screen that lists all the workflow steps and workflow transitions that comprise the workflow:

This page lists in the left-most column all the various incident statuses defined in the system. The next column lists all the possible transitions that can occur from that status. In addition, with each transition is listed the name of the resulting destination status that the transition leads to. E.g. from the assigned status, depending on your role (see later) you can move the ticket to either Open, Waiting On Customer, Waiting on Development, Duplicate and Non-Issue depending on which transition the user takes.

Clicking on the name of a step or transition takes you to the appropriate details page (see below) where you can set the properties of the step or transition respectively. To delete an existing transition, simply click the <Delete> button after the transition name, and to add a new transition, click the <Add Transition> button in the Operations column.