This page is maintained for older versions of KronoDesk only. The latest documentation can be found at:

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3.6.3. Edit Workflow Step

When you click on the ticket status name link from either of the previous screens, you are taken to the workflow step details screen:

The top part of the screen is the “workflow browser” which illustrates how the step relates to the workflow as a whole. It displays the current ticket status in the middle, with the possible originating and destination transitions listed to either side. Clicking on either workflow transition name will take you to the appropriate workflow transition details page. This allows you to click through the whole workflow from start to finish without having to return to the workflow details page.

This page allows you to define the behavior of the various ticket fields (i.e. those that are a standard part of KronoDesk such as Priority) and ticket custom properties for this particular step in the workflow. You can set each of the fields/custom properties as being hidden, disabled, and/or required for each step in the workflow. Note that you cannot set a field/property as being required and disabled since this would prevent a user from ever updating the ticket. For example, when a ticket is in the Open status, you might make the assignee field inactive (since the opener shouldn’t need to know who will ultimately work on it), when it gets to the Assigned status, you might make the field enabled and required. This allows you to tailor the information gathered to the appropriate place in the workflow.

To actually make these changes, all you need to do is select the appropriate checkboxes in the list of fields and custom properties and click the corresponding <Save> button.