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2.1.5. Ensure that ASP.NET is installed

Now that you have both IIS and .NET installed, you need to make sure that the Active Server Pages (ASP.NET) components that allow IIS to access the .NET framework have been correctly configured. If you installed .NET after IIS then ASP.NET is typically configured for you, but if you installed IIS afterwards, then further manual steps may be necessary. The settings are different depending on which version of Windows you are using:

To verify that ASP.NET has been correctly configured, click on Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager to launch the IIS administrative console:

You should see a section called “ASP.NET” occupying the top third of the IIS screen. If not, then you need to go back to section 2.1.3 and make sure that you chose the option to install ASP.NET when installing IIS.