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3.2.2. View Active Sessions

Often an administrator of the system will want to know how many users are currently logged into the system, especially on installations licensed by concurrent-user. Clicking on the ‘Active User Sessions’ administration option will display a list of all the users who currently have active sessions in the system:

Each user is displayed along with their user ID, whether they’re connected through the application or via a third-party add-on, the date they last logged-in, and whether they are being counted as concurrent-user from a licensing perspective. With a concurrent-user license, KronoDesk allows an unlimited number of general user sessions, but only a certain number of customer service agent user sessions.

The administrator is able to forcibly end a user’s session using the ‘End Session’ link to the right of their name. Clicking this link will result in that user being logged out when they try and perform an operation in the system. Warning: You should make sure that the user is not actively using the system to prevent any unsaved data being lost.