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4.1.2. Application Session Pooling Issues (Windows Vista, 7 or 2008)

This issue can affect Windows Vista, 7 or Server 2008 using IIS 7.0. Since the 6.0 release of IIS, there is the ability to separate the web-server into different “Application Pools”. Sometimes, web hosting companies will host multiple websites in the same application pool (which we do not recommend). When resources are maxed out for an application pool IIS 7 starts to recycle these sites causing application variables to be lost for those recycled sites. By default, KronoDesk installs on these operating systems in its own application pool.

If you are experiencing application/session loss symptoms then we recommend asking your web hosting company to verify that your instance of KronoDesk is running in its own application pool with all recycling options disabled and the recycle worker process set to recycle only once during the day at a set time.

To make these changes yourself, you need to follow these steps:

Add new application pool for “KronoDesk” (if one does not already exist) and make sure it is set to use the .NET Framework v4.0 and the “Integrated Pipeline”:

Next, choose your own application pool in the KronoDesk web site properties: