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2.4. Help Desk Ticketing

The KronoDesk® help desk ticket management system provides the final level of customer support. When a customer cannot readily find the solution through either the knowledge base or support forums, they can submit a help desk ticket through KronoDesk’s help desk submission system. The system allows them to quickly and easily enter the description of the problem, attach any relevant documents or screenshots, categorize the issue and then submit it for resolution by the support agents.

The customer support agents can use the help desk system to review incoming tickets, assign them to themselves or other support agents as needed, provide suggestions to the customer, or escalate to the next level of support. They can use the system to add notes to the ticket, change the fields, or ask for more information. Any changes made to the ticket will be notified to the customer so that they’re kept abreast of changes to their ticket. In addition, the customer can use their customer homepage to see a list of their open tickets together to see at a glance what action has been taken and what recommendations have been made.