This page is maintained for older versions of KronoDesk only. The latest documentation can be found at:

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2.7.2. Artifact Naming Conventions

On various screens in the system, you will see lists of artifacts (tickets, articles, etc.) together with a unique identification number. In order to make it easier to recognize at a glance which type of artifact the identification number refers to, KronoDesk uses a system of two-letter prefixes which help identify the type of artifact being displayed. The current prefixes used by the system are:

TicketTKKnowledge Base ArticleKB
Ticket StatusTSUserUS
Ticket TypeTTForumFR
Ticket PriorityTPThreadTH
Ticket ResolutionTRMessageMG

In addition, certain artifacts in the system are displayed with an icon that helps distinguish them from each other, and provides additional context on the state of the artifact:

IconArtifact Description
Knowledge Base Article
Help Desk Ticket
Artifact has an Attachment