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4.2. Article Details

When you click on the name of an article, the article details page is displayed:

This page displays the following information:

  • Article Breadcrumb – The breadcrumb list at the top of the page displays the hierarchical list of categories and sub-categories that the article belongs user. If you click on one of the categories, the system will display of related articles in that category.
  • Knowledge Base Article – This is the main part of the page and displays the name, short description and long description of the knowledge base article. If you click on the Subscription icon to the right of the article title, the article will be added to your list of subscribed knowledge base articles. Whenever a change is made to the article, you will receive an email notification.
  • Article Info – This information pane displays the unique ID assigned to the article, the date it was last updated and the number of times that it has been viewed.
  • Tags – This pane displays a list of the meta-tags associated with the current knowledge base article as well as an indication how many other knowledge base articles have been tagged with the same keywords. Clicking on the meta-tag name will automatically take you back to the knowledge base list page with the filter set to the tag name in question.
  • Operations – This pane is only visible for customer support agents and will display options for creating a new article, deleting the current article or modifying the current article.
  • Links – This section lets you see the links to related information associated with the article
  • Attachments – This section lets you view the documents and screenshots attached to the current article.