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6.3.5. Incidents

The incidents panel displays a list of SpiraTeam® incidents that are linked to the current help desk ticket. If you see the following message, it means that your user profile in KronoDesk has not been linked to an equivalent SpiraTeam user profile. To fix the issue, click on the “user profile” link and enter your SpiraTeam RSS Token into your KronoDesk user profile. This is described in more detail in section 7.1

Once your KronoDesk user is linked to a corresponding SpiraTeam user, you will see a list of SpiraTeam incidents that were generated from the current ticket:

Each incident is displayed together with its incident ID, name, type, status, priority, severity, owner, last update date and the name of the person who opened. Clicking on the incident hyperlink will open up the incident in SpiraTeam in a new window.

This allows support agents to view the status of the incidents use it to determine when the ticket can be resolved because the underlying product issue has been resolved.

To log a new incident in SpiraTeam based on the current help desk ticket, you need to click on the “Add New Incident” hyperlink, which will open up the following dialog:

This dialog lets you add a new incident to the linked instance of SpiraTeam. You need to first choose the SpiraTeam project from the dropdown list at the top. The system will prepopulate the name and description of the incident with the ticket name and description. You can edit this text or clear it completely and enter in custom content.

You then need to choose the incident type, priority, detected release, component and owner followed by values for any of the defined custom properties. Once you are satisfied, click “Upload” to add the new incident to SpiraTeam. Once the incident has been added, it will appear in the KronoDesk incident list.

Note: You need to make sure that the SpiraTeam user that you have associated with your KronoDesk profile has permissions to create new incidents in that project in SpiraTeam.