This page is maintained for older versions of KronoDesk only. The latest documentation can be found at:

SpiraTest User Manual Help Viewer

4.2.2. Creating an Article

Clicking on the operation to “Create New Article” will display the new article creation screen:

You need to enter the name, short description, body, tags and assigned categories for the article. KronoDesk uses a rich text editor for the description and body of the article so that you can enter formatted text, programming code, hyperlinks, tables with ease.

To include a screenshot in the article text, simple paste in the image from the clipboard into the text editor and KronoDesk will capture the image, attach it to the article and embed the image for you:

To add hyperlinks to the article, simply enter the name and URL and click the ‘+’ button to add:

Finally, to attach a document to the article, you can either drag the file onto the upload control or click on the button to browse to a file on your local computer:

Once you are satisfied with your submission, you can click either ‘Save As Draft’ to save the KB article and keep in the draft status, or click ‘Publish’ to save the changes and publish as a live article that can be searched on.