This page is maintained for older versions of KronoDesk only. The latest documentation can be found at:

SpiraTest User Manual Help Viewer

6.2. Create New Ticket

If you click on the hyperlink to “Create New Ticket”, the system will display the new help desk ticket entry page:

This page displays the following information:

  • Ticket Name/Description – This section of the page allows you to enter the name and long description of your support issue. The long description allows formatted text and can include lists, tables and hyperlinks.
  • Ticket Fields – This section displays all the fields that need to be filled out when submitting the ticket. The fields that are required are displayed in bold type with an asterisk(*) next to the field name. When you change the product name field that may change the workflow associated with the ticket. If that happens, you will see some of the fields change.This is normal and allows the administrator to tailor the fields required to the type of product (e.g. a web application may need you to enter the browser type, whereas a mobile application would need to know the cellphone network)
  • Attachments – This section is described in more detail below in section 6.2.1.

As you start entering information in the ticket, KronoDesk will dynamically search the knowledge base to see if there are any articles that could answer your question: