This page is maintained for older versions of KronoDesk only. The latest documentation can be found at:

SpiraTest User Manual Help Viewer

6.3.4. Attachments

This panel displays the list of documents and screenshots that have been “attached” to the help desk ticket. The documents can be in any format, though KronoDesk® will only display the icon for certain known types:

The attachment list includes the filename/URL that was originally uploaded together with the file-size (in KB), name of the person who attached it and the date uploaded.

To actually view the document, simply click on the filename hyperlink and a new web browser window will open. Depending on the type of file, this window will either display the document / web-page or prompt you for a place to save it on your local computer. To remove an existing attachment from a ticket, simply select the item and click the [Delete] button.

To attach a new document to the ticket, you simply drag them onto the attachment upload control or click on the upload button and then browse to find the file on your local filesystem.

Note: The system uses file extensions to identity the type of file, so if your local operating system doesn’t use file extensions, you may want to rename the file before uploading (e.g. changing MyDocument to MyDocument.pdf to identity it as an Acrobat document).