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8.6. Ticket Custom Graphs

The ticket custom graph widget shows how many tickets are currently in the system. The number of tickets is displayed according to the criteria that you specify. You can specify the type of data displayed along the x-axis, and the ticket information that is used to group the data. When you first open the graph you will be asked to pick the field that you would like to display on the x-axis and the field that you would like to group the data by. Once you have chosen the appropriate fields the graph will be displayed:

In the illustration above, the x-axis represents the ticket status, and the individual bars are grouped by the priority of the ticket. Each data-value can be viewed by positioning the mouse pointer over the bar, and a “tooltip” will pop-up listing the actual data value. Clicking on the “Display Data Grid” link will display the underlying data that is being used to generate the graph. In addition, clicking on the Download Data as CSV link will export the datagrid into Comma Separated Values (CSV) format that can be opened in MS-Excel. Some browsers also support the ability to save the graph as an image file (JPEG, PNG and GIF formats).