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1. Introduction
2. Installing SpiraTeam®
3. System Administration
4. Appendices
1. Introduction
2. Installing SpiraTeam®
3. System Administration
4. Appendices

2.2. Installing the Software

Now that all the prerequisites have been correctly installed, you are now ready to install SpiraTeam® onto your system. To perform the installation, you will need the installation package downloaded from the Inflectra® website, the name of the organization that the software is licensed to, and the actual license key code which will be available in the customer area of the Inflectra® website.

To start the installation, double-click on the SpiraTeam® installation package (it will have a filename of the form SpiraTeam-v3.x.x.x.msi), and the Windows Installer will display the following dialog box:

If you are upgrading from an earlier version of SpiraTeam®, the dialog box will be similar except that it will instead let you know that you are upgrading from an earlier version to the current one:

In this instance the installer will update the program files on your computer and migrate your data into the new version seamlessly. If for any reason you don’t see the upgrade message and you have an existing installation, don’t continue, but instead contact Inflectra® customer support first. This will ensure that your existing data is not overwritten by a clean install.

In either case, click the <Next> button to start the installation wizard which will gather information from you regarding how you want to setup the system, before actually installing the web-server files and database components. The next page of the installation wizard will display a list of all the required pre-requisites and whether the installer could find them or not:

If any of the prerequisites were not correctly installed, the installer will display a red cross icon next to the missing component(s). If this happens, please refer to section 2.1 for installation of any prerequisites. If for any reason you have the prerequisite installed but the installer was not able to find it (this can occasionally happen on certain environments), click the <Ignore> button to proceed with the installation.

Once the prerequisites have been correctly installed, clicking <Next> will bring you to the next page in the installation wizard:

The next screen in the installation wizard outlines the SpiraTeam® End User License Agreement (EULA). Please read this carefully as it describes the legal contract between you – the user of the software – and Inflectra® Corporation, the developer and publisher. Once you have read the agreement and understood your rights and obligations, select the radio button marked “I accept the terms in the License Agreement” and click the <Next> button.

The following screen will be displayed:

You need to choose the product that you will be installing – SpiraTest®, SpiraPlan® or SpiraTeam®. This is important because the license key for each product is different.

Once you have chosen the product, the following screen will be displayed:

You need to enter your full name, the organization that was issued the software license, and finally the full hexadecimal license key that was provided with the software. Once you click <Next>, the installer will verify that all three were entered, and that the license key matches the product being installed and that it matches the organization name. The installer will warn you of any discrepancies, but will allow you to proceed; however after installation, the system will not operate until a correct license key is entered.

If for any reason you are unable to get the provided license key to work, please contact Inflectra® customer support immediately and they will resolve the issue.

After clicking <Next>, you will be given the choice of installation to perform:

By default, the installer will install all of the SpiraTeam® features onto the target system, so we recommend choosing “Complete Installation”, which will both install the complete system – application and database. For advanced users who want to change the folder to which the system is installed (by default it is C:\Program Files\SpiraTeam), change the name of the database created (by default it will be SpiraTeam) or to prevent the installation of the optional web-services data integration modules, you can choose the “Custom Installation” option, which allows you to change those settings prior to installation.

The “Application Only” installation is useful when you need to move the application to a different server, but want to leave the database installed on the same server. In this case you can use the “Application Only” installation on the new server, and once the installation is completed, change the name of the database pointed to in the “Web.Config” file to the existing database server.

This manual assumes that the “Complete Installation” option is chosen, in which case the following screen is displayed:

This screen allows you to change the name of the web-site URL that will be user to access the system. By default, users would need to type into their browsers: http://<server name>/SpiraTeam. Should you want to have a different name – other than SpiraTeam – change the name in the Virtual Directory box, otherwise simply accept the default name and click <Next>. Note: The installer will check to make sure that the name you have chosen is not already in use, and will warn you if it is.

Upon clicking <Next>, you will be taken the database connection screen:

You can connect to the SQL Server database using either Windows Authentication or SQL Server Authentication, and the process is slightly different for each mode: