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1. Introduction
2. Installing SpiraTeam®
3. System Administration
4. Appendices
1. Introduction
2. Installing SpiraTeam®
3. System Administration
4. Appendices TaraVault™ Integration

This section refers to the functionality available to hosted/cloud customers of SpiraTeam. If you are using the on-premise version of SpiraTeam, please refer to section 3.11.2 (Version Control Integration) instead.

TaraVault™ is the hosted source code repository and software configuration management (SCM) system provided by Inflectra. When you signed-up or purchased a subscription to either SpiraPlan or SpiraTeam, it will have come with an entry-level subscription to TaraVault.

When you first click on the Administration > TaraVault administration page, you will see the following screen:

This lets you know that you have not yet activated your TaraVault account with Inflectra. When you click on the [Activate TaraVault] button you will see the following:

This will let you see how many TaraVault SCM users your subscription allows and also the name of the TaraVault instance that your SpiraTeam instance is associated with.

Each project in SpiraTeam has its own corresponding TaraVault project, and each TaraVault project can be configured to use one of the two different SCM providers:

  • Subversion (SVN) – This is a simple, centralized version control system (VCS) that works best for teams that want to have a centralized SCM environment with only one central instance of the SCM repository. Subversion only allows a single branch to be managed and is generally easier to understand conceptually.
  • Git – This is a more powerful, distributed version control system (DVCS) that works best for teams that want to have multiple distributed instances of their source code repository. Git offers superior merging and branching functionality to Subversion but is generally more complicated to understand conceptually.

For the current SpiraTeam project you can choose the type of provider you wish to use, enter the name of the TaraVault project and click Activate:

Since you cannot change the type or name of the TaraVault project once activated, please review your entries and click [OK] to confirm the new project activation.

Once the project activation has been completed, the screen will display the following:

The screen will display the name of the linked TaraVault project as well as the list of TaraVault SCM users that are configured to use this TaraVault project – this list will not necessarily be all of the users in the SpiraTeam project, just those that need to connect to TaraVault to commit source code into the repository.

If you want to deactivate this TaraVault project, click the [Deactivate] button and the project will be removed from TaraVault.

To improve performance, SpiraTeam will cache some of the data it receives from TaraVault. Normally SpiraTeam will know when to update the cached data based on changes made in TaraVault automatically. However sometimes you may wish to flush the cached data completed, to do this, click on the [Clear Cache] button.

To add new SCM users to the TaraVault project, click on the ‘Add Users’ link to add new SCM users to the project.