How Do You Pronounce Spira and Rapise?

October 5th, 2018 by inflectra

It's Friday and after a long week at work, we thought it might be good to share an anecdote from the week. We had a customer call our support team with a really important question that had been vexing their team. How do you pronounce Spira? Well find out the truth.

So What's The Answer - Sp"ee"ra or Sp"eye"ra?

When we first designed SpiraTest, back in 2007, we wanted to denote that it was agile, supported working in iterations or "spirals" (as they were known before Sprints became the de-facto name). So "SpiraTest" was chosen as the name. However with the launch of our integration with Jira from Atlassian (which is pronounced the other way), the confusion began.

Well, in this video, Adam Sandman from Inflectra sets the record straight:


So how do you pronounce it #Spira #Rapise ? You asked, we answered 😀

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Happy Friday from #TeamInflectra.

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