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Rapise 5.0 Preview - Testing MS Dynamics AX Applications

Rapise is a great general purpose automated testing tool that has support for mobile, web and desktop applications. However based on customer feedback, there are certain common applications that customers need to test and therefore we are adding specific support for these known applications in the coming releases. In this post we discuss MS Dynamics AX.

Testing Desktop Applications

When testing native Desktop applications, Rapise has build in support for the various technologies that such applications can be written using.

  • Legacy Win32 applications
  • Newer .NET, WFP applications
  • Java applications using Swing or AWT
  • SWT applications built using Eclipse

As described in this KB Article, choosing the right library is very important to get reliable, robust tests.

However to make the lives of our testers even easier, we are working on adding support in Rapise in the upcoming versions for different packaged applications (web, desktop and eventually mobile) that we feel have significant presence in the market and need specific Rapise libraries to handle controls that are not part of the standard UI framework:

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM

with planned support for Oracle e-Business Suite, Kronos,  SAP, Dynamics NAV, and other popular applications depending on customer demand.

Support for Microsoft Dynamics AX

In the upcoming release of Rapise 5.0, we have added additional functionality to the base UIAutomation library that is used to test all modern Windows applications, this will make Rapise more equipped to test any modern desktop application. In addition we are adding a specialized DynamicsAX library that builds on top of this to provide seamless Record, Learn and Playback for applications written in MS Dynamics AX.

In the video below, one of our developers is playing back a simple Dynamics AX test in Rapise 5.0 (preview) using the new libraries:

If you have any questions about what's planned for Rapise 5.0, please drop us a line at sales@inflectra.com

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