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Recap: Inflectra Supports STPCon Fall 2019

September 30, 2019

STPCon Team delivered another quality conference in September 2019 - this time in lovely Boston, MA. Located across the Boston harbour, the hotel was lovely and the views were magnificent.

Team Inflectra even managed to sneak out to the city to see the historic sights and new developments in this old American city. 

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Inflectra Supports Country-Level Software Testing Cups

January 30, 2019

Software testing enthusiast everywhere will be happy to learn about Inflectra's new initiative to sponsor country-level software testing competitions all over the globe. 

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Spotlight on KronoDesk 3.0 - New Reporting Functionality

September 20, 2018

Our development team has been working feverishly on the next version of KronoDesk, our acclaimed help desk solution for SpiraTeam. There are many new features and improvements as part of KronoDesk 3.0, and this article focuses on the enhancements to the reporting system.

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Spotlight on KronoDesk 3.0 - Tickets, Knowledge Base and User Groups

August 30, 2018

Our development team has been working feverishly on the next version of KronoDesk, our acclaimed help desk solution for SpiraTeam. There are many new features and improvements as part of KronoDesk 3.0, and this article focuses on the enhancements to the help desk and knowledge base modules.

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Inflectra Gives Back - Meet-Up Sponsorship in DC/MD/VA

January 30, 2018

Revised on Nov 16, 2018

The sponsorship offer is now extended to all meet-ups in the USA.


Since 2017, Inflectra has significantly stepped up its community engagement efforts, which come under the umbrella of Inflectra Gives Back. This on-going campaign is designed to nurture and support the community of software testers, developers and project leads operating the agile software testing, test automation, and project management space in the metropolitan DC area.

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Whose Customer Support is it Anyway?

April 14, 2016

When you need multiple tools to get your work done there are multiple points of failure. You want to get stuff done, but what if widget A suddenly stops talking to widget B? Is it because of widget A? Widget B? The plugin that gets them to play nicely together? What do you have to do to get things fixed? Read More

A First Look at KronoDesk 2.0

January 8, 2016

We have been working hard in 2015 to completely update the user interface of KronoDesk to make it fully mobile-responsive, optimize its user experience and also improve its performance. This is of course in addition to the new features already planned (ability to group accounts, reporting, ability to send documents, customizeable roles).

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Why I Buy from Agile Developers!

March 26, 2015

If you use software tools, and who doesn’t, you probably want to get the best possible customer support and service to go with it. I include ‘service’ here because I want to consider more than just whether the company has a support hot line. It is important to me that vendors listen to me when I make suggestions or recommendations; that they provide help which is more than a telephone operator reading a script; and that they provide forums that enable me to interact with other users, sharing knowledge, tips and ideas. This would be support and service.

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How to Succeed with Software Tools – Part 2

December 10, 2014

In this series of blog articles we examine some of the essential factors required for the successful implementation and use of software tools. This week we look at the need for continual post-implementation adaptation and refinement. Read More

It’s an Issue! Don’t Bug Me!

May 29, 2014

I recently had cause to call my bank. Now, I wasn’t expecting to speak to a real person right away; I don’t pay enough fees for that. But I was at least hoping that relatively quickly I could press 1, then press 3 and then 2 to get to the right person to ask my question. Like most of us, I have battled automated help systems on many occasions and I know the routine. I had checked the support website and looked for pre-existing answers to my question, but with no luck and so now I had turned to the phone. As an aside, can it really be true that every organization out there needs me to listen to their entire message because they have all changed their menu options? Are they ever going to get them right? Read More

Customer Support is an Asset Not a Liability

May 6, 2014

In the rush to streamline and cut costs, there is a tendency towards reduced customer contact with real people. This poses real challenges in industries such as computer software that depend on frequent customer feedback to make sure they are building systems that actually meet their end users' needs. Read More

The Software Chicken and the Egg

April 16, 2014

For a considerable period of time, we did well organized testing, but not against requirements that were formally defined.
Why was it deemed necessary to automate the test management process before there were any decent tools for recording exactly what we were testing for? Read More

Agile Techniques in Maintenance Environments

March 4, 2014

I'd like to address the question, 'Can Agile techniques be used in maintenance environments?' The short answer is, 'yes', and the long answer is, 'yes, sort of.' The reality of the situation is far more nuanced than either of those answers, so let's look at the issues in more detail. I don't intend to make this a comprehensive review, but just brief look at some of the issues to get us going. Read More