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KronoDesk is an integrated customer support system that includes help desk ticketing, customer support forums and an online knowledge base in a single user interface.

Below are some of the most popular features in KronoDesk. Click on the appropriate feature name to learn more about the functionality that KronoDesk offers:

Help Desk

Customer Home Page

The customer dashboard provides a single view for your customers to see new knowledge base articles, recent forum posts and all their open tickets.

Help Desk Ticketing System

KronoDesk includes a powerful and flexible help desk ticketing system that can be quickly and easily tailored to meet your support needs. With support for custom fields and workflows you can create different support processes for your different products.

Email Notifications

KronoDesk contains a powerful email templating system so that outbound email messages can be formatted to fit your organization. When users subscribe to threads, forums or articles, the system sends out automatic notifications.

Email Integration

For those customers that prefer to use email, KronoDesk provides powerful email integration functionality that can intelligently read incoming emails and generate new help desk tickets as well as add comments to existing open tickets.

Fully Mobile Responsive

KronoDesk has been designed to optimize its features on any device, including iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad), and Android (Nexus, Galaxy, etc.). Customers can browse the knowledge base, reply to forum posts and submit help desk tickets from any device.

SpiraTeam Integration

When used with SpiraTeam you can integrate your customer support into your software development lifecycle. Tickets reported by end users that relate to product defects get seamlessly transitioned to the development team.

Support Agent Home Page

The customizable agent dashboard, allows your support agents to view all their assigned tickets, monitor incoming forum posts and check for new tickets all from the same screen.

Support Forums

Support Forums

KronoDesk provides integrated online support forums, making your customers more self-sufficient with routine issues so that your support personnel can focus their time on the critical issues and complex enquiries.


Users can subscribe to specific articles, threads and forums. When changes are made to an article, new threads are posted in a forum or new replies are added to a thread, the user will be notified.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

KronoDesk comes with a built-in online knowledge base where your agents can post the answers to common questions and issues.

Searching & Filtering

KronoDesk comes with a powerful set of search tools that let you find information quickly and easily from a variety of sources.

Auto Suggestions

When submitting a new help desk ticket, the system scans the existing knowledge base and makes intelligent suggestions to help the customer. This reduces the number of repetitive help desk enquires that have previously been answered.


Configuration and Customization

KronoDesk is completely configurable, so that you can tailor the system to match your customer support process. The system lets you setup custom fields, priorities, statuses, types, resolutions and workflows so that you can tailor the product to fit your process and business.

Theming & Rebranding

KronoDesk provides an intuitive theme creation tool that lets you quickly and easily rebrand it to integrate with your website and other systems.


KronoDesk includes an extensive library of printable reports and graphical charts. The reports can be customized through extensible XML based report templates. The supported report formats include: MS-Word, MS-Excel, HTML, Adobe Acrobat and XML.


KronoDesk has an extensive administration capability that can be accessed using just a web-browser. The administration section lets you manage users, support agent groups, customer organizations and other important settings such as security policies.

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