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Ribbon: Edit

Ribbon: Edit

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ribbon, edit



The Edit tab of the Ribbon provides tools for editing script files.


How to Open

The Edit tab is available anytime you have a javascript file visible in the Content View.



ribbon, edit, file

·The Save button (Shortcut: CTRL+S) saves the script file you are editing.
·The Save As button allows you to create a new, differently named copy of the script file you are editing.



ribbon, edit, clipboard

·The Paste button (Shortcut: CTRL+V) pastes from the clipboard.
·The Cut button (Shortcut: CTRL+X) erases whatever text you have highlighted, and copies it to the clipboard.
·The Copy button (Shortcut: CTRL+C) copies whatever text you have highlighted to the clipboard.



ribbon, edit, history

·The Undo button (CTRL+Z) reverses the last deletion or insertion made in the Source Editor.
·The Redo button (CTRL+Y) reverses the last undo action.



ribbon, edit, search

·The above text box is a search box.
·Pressing the find button opens the Find Text dialog.
·The Replace button opens the Replace Text Dialog.



ribbon, edit, font

·Use the above font and size drop-down menus to change the text appearance.  The entire file will be affected.



ribbon, edit, debug

·Press the Toggle Breakpoint button (Shortcut: F9) to insert or remove a breakpoint at the current cursor position.