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Tutorial: Record and Playback


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In this section, you will learn how to record and execute a Rapise script.  We will be using a demo application called SampleATM.  Our test will be simple.  It will log on to SampleATM, navigate to the main menu, and click on all of the menu options to make sure the links are working.


1.Open Rapise

Go to Start > All Programs > Inflectra > Rapise.  The following window should appear.



2.Open the AUT (Application Under Test)

Open Internet Explorer.  You will find it in Start > All Programs > Internet Explorer. In Internet Explorer, navigate to:

tutorial, demo, app


3.The Select an Application to Record Dialog

In the Rapise window, press the Record/Learn button on the Ribbon.

ribbon, test, record-learn


The Select an Application to Record... Dialog (SAR dialog) will open.

select an application to record dialog


There are two sections to the SAR dialog.  In the bottom section, you select which Rapise library will be used during the recording session.  Because we will be recording our interactions with Internet Explorer, make sure that the Internet Explorer HTML library is checked.  No other libraries should be selected.  See below:

select an application to record dialog, library table


In the top section of the SAR dialog, we choose which application to record. Scroll down the available applications and click once on SampleATM, so that it is highlighted.  Now, press the Select button near the bottom right of the dialog.

tutorial, sar dialog demo app selected


The Recording Activity Dialog (RA dialog) will appear:

recording activity dialog

The RA dialog has a grid.  As you interact with the SampleATM program, the grid will automatically populate with your actions.



Let?s begin creating the test.  On the SampleATM login page, type into the username text box.  Press the tab key.  You?ll notice that the RA dialog has changed.  Your action, entering a username, is listed in the grid.

tutorial, username in ra dialog


The password for user is rapise.  Type the password in and then press the Sign-On button.  Two more rows should appear in the RA dialog: one to represent the password entry, and one to represent the button click.

tutorial, three steps recorded in ra dialog


You should now be on a new screen of the SampleATM application, the Main Menu:

tutorial, demo, mainmenu


Click the DEPOSIT button.  It is highlighted in the next screenshot:

tutorial, demo, menu items, deposit highlighted


You should now be on the Deposit page (see the below image). Click the HOME button to go back to the main menu.

tutorial, deposit page


Now, click the WITHDRAW button:

tutorial, demo, menu items, withdraw highlighted


You should now be on the Withdraw Funds page. Click the HOME button to go back to the main menu.

tutorial, withdrawal page


Click the TRANSFER button:

tutorial, demo, menu items, transfer highlighted


You should now be on the Transfer page. Click the HOME button to go back to the main menu.

tutorial, transfer page


Click the BALANCE button:

tutorial, demo, menu items, balance highlighted


You should now be on the Balance page.  Click the HOME button to go back to the main menu.

tutorial, balance page


At this point, there should be 11 rows in the RA dialog grid.


You are now back on the Main Menu.  Click LOGOUT (lower left).

tutorial, demo, mainmenu, logout-highlighted


To end the recording session, you can either press CTRL+3 or press the Stop button on the Record dialog.  End the recording session now.  You will see a script created from your recording session in the Rapise window.  Let?s save our test.  Press the Save button at the top left of the Rapise window.

ribbon, test, file



Let?s execute the test we just created.  First, close Internet explorer.  Rapise will open a new instance of Internet Explorer to the correct url (SampleATM) when the test begins.


To execute the script, press the Play button at the top middle of the Rapise window.

play icon


After execution, a screen like the one below will appear.  Each row represents a step in the test. The rows with green text are steps which passed, whereas the rows with red text are the steps which failed.


report viewer

For more information on the report, see Automated Reporting.